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Sablés Viennois chocolat blanc vanille

Recipe for 25 "sablés"

"sablés" dough:

225g Flour T55

190g Soften butter

75g Icing sugar

30g Egg whites

1 pinch of sea salt

Total weight: 520g

Make a soften butter, then add the egg whites, the sea salt , the vanilla, mix well. Then add the sifted icing sugar, mix. Then last the sifted flour, mix. Be careful to make all the mixtures to the maryse , and at the time of mixing the flour do not mix too much!

Prepare a piping bag with a star tip, then garnish the bag with the "sablés" dough.

Place various shapes on a plate with a Silpat, taking care to space them.

Cook about 20/22 min at 165°C, fan oven.


300g white chocolate 31% Cémoi

Once the cookies are cooled and at room temperature, Temper the white chocolate to 29°C, add the vanilla. Then dip the biscuits in the vanilla white chocolate. Place on a sheet of baking paper and leave to crystallize.

Enjoy !!! ( for Tea time its' marvelous!)

Feel free to replicate the recipe, and share it on your social networks by tagging with the hashtag #lifeissweet .

I also put a link to the site that sells this beautiful vanilla from Madagascar:

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