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Macarons Vanille et Combava

Macarons mixture:

130g Almond powder

225g Icing sugar

115g Egg whites

60g Sugar

2g Combava powder “Mille Saveurs

2,65g Natural coloring apple green “PCB”

Poids total: 536g

Mix together, then sift the almond powder and icing sugar. Add the combava powder.

Be careful, do not mix the almond powder too much with the icing sugar, otherwise the almond oil may come out.

A part whip the eggwhites with the sugar and the coloring, very firm.

-Mix "meringue" with sifted powder, "macaronner". Pipe regular rounds on a "silpat", sprinkle with combava powder and let it crust 30min. Bake 15 min at 140°C in a ventilated oven with the door open (turn the baking sheet halfway through)

Ganache vanille:

166g Cream 35% MG

315gWhite chocolate 31%

8g Butter 82% MG

1 Vanilla bean “Mille saveurs

Poids total: 489g

-Bring cream to a boil with grated vanilla bean and butter.Then pour the infused cream on the white chocolate.

Combine, then mix with an hand mixer. Let crystallize for 24h at room temperature.


-The day before make the ganache, then the same day make the macaroon shells.Once cold, poach the vanilla ganache on the shells and close.Leave to mature one night in the refrigerator for a better tasting.

Feel free to replicate the recipe, and share it on your social networks by tagging with the hashtag #lifeissweet .

I also put a link to the site that sells this beautiful vanilla from Madagascar and also the Combava Powder:

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