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Traditional "Gâteau Basque"

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Recipe for a 20cm diameter cake mold ( Matfer )

Basque dough:

120g butter

135g raw cane sugar

25g whole egg

20g yolk

187,5g flour T55

2g Baking powder

1g salt

Qs Vanilla extract “Epices mille saveurs”

Total weight: 491g

-Cream the butter with the sugar and salt, add the eggs. Stir. Last add the flour and baking powder mixed, mix until you get a dough. Roll down at 4 mm between two baking paper sheets.

Store in the fridge at 4°C

Pastry cream:

250g milk

60g sugar

40g corn starch

80g yolks

40g butter

50g Almond powder

10g rum

Total weight: 530g

- Heat the milk and vanilla. Combine the sugar, yolks and cornstarch. Add half the milk to the yellow/ sugar/ maizena mixture, mix. Pour into the pan with the remaining milk and cook until it boils. Add the butter, and the almond powder, mix. Add rum, mix. wrap with film and cool quickly. Refrigerate at 4°C


20g yolks


Butter a pan, add sugar and brown sugar. Cut two round into the Basque dough, 1 of Ø24cm and 1 of Ø20cm. Pour the 24cm round into the mold . Poach the cold pastry cream in the mould, then place the 20cm round of dough on top. Lightly press the edges to solder the doughs. Eggwash twice, letting them dry between the eggwash . Then, using a fork, make crossbones. Bake in a 160° oven Ventilated 40min

You will tell me that I had a heavy hand on vanilla, but that’s what makes all the difference in this recipe!!!!! Try, you won’t be disappointed!!!


Do not hesitate to reproduce the recipe, and share it on your social networks by tagging with the hashtag #lifeissweet .

I also put a link to the site that sells this beautiful vanilla from Madagascar:

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